Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Some interesting facts...!

In 1991 we conducted a cycling survey amongst 100,000 of our riders. At that time 80% of participants were under 40, 68% owned a car, 3/4 owned their own home, 40% earned over £18,000 (the national average was £13,400 at that time), 85% were either employed or self-employed and many had taken up cycling due to rail strikes! Only 4% said they used their bike regularly. The average spend on a bike was £282.71 with Raleigh the most popular brand at a whopping 38% of purchases made (the next highest were Dawes at 17% then Peugeot at 15%) with all the other brands not coming in at above 4%. The majority of bike lights purchased were made by Ever Ready. The bike type split was Touring 37%, Mountain 28%, Racing 32%, 3 speed 2% and Tandem 1%. The favourite sporting activity other than cycling was swimming and most riders read The Independent, followed by The Guardian and then the Daily Mail. It would be very interesting to see how it would compare if we were to conduct the same survey today!